Helping drive your success with
financial vision and expertise integral to your team

Made Finance helps aspiring entrepreneurs, progressive start – ups, Israeli and international businesses and venture capital firms by providing the financial and administrative expertise necessary to achieve their goals. Specializing in the high-tech and life science sectors, Made Finance helps clients successfully navigate the challenging landscape of these dynamic industries.

A track record that speaks for itself

Made Finance was established in 2003 by Ran Shnaiderman and has expanded to provide end-to-end financial and administrative solutions. The company has earned the trust of hundreds of customers and has ushered many from their earliest start-up days through phases of fundraising, growth, maturity and successful M&A, IPO or exit.

Customized services

Services tailored specifically to each client based on their specific situation include:

  • Completely outsourced operations
  • Full-time or part-time expertise to fill specific key roles
  • Targeted strategic or operations consulting
  • Short term special projects


Partner collaborations

Made Finance maintains strong working relationships with key players in the industry, drawing upon a network of service providers in Israel and internationally, including law firms, accounting practices, banks, economic consultants and other organizations for client benefit.

Augment your team with a wealth of expertise and knowledge to maximize your financial and administrative strategy and operations

  • Trusted force of seasoned professionals

    As senior-level business and finance experts, Made Finance professionals are an integral part of your team, committed to your success. The firm and team members have a visionary approach to establishing, building and running a business, proactivity that is key to companies in their early and rapid growth phases of business. Made Finance team members have served as hands-on chief financial officers, accountants, administrative directors and consultants who have creatively solved challenging problems and worked day-to-day to achieve new levels of effectiveness. They have extraordinary command of the field, knowing the laws, practices and benchmarks in the industry. Made Finance professionals can hit the ground running to give you an immediate leg up in addressing your financial and admin needs.

  • Focusing on your goals

    Made Finance’s mission is to work hand-in-hand with you to help your business run smoothly, meet your financial goals and proceed full speed ahead to achieve your company objectives. Customers appreciate Made Finance professionals’ commitment to long term success and sincere dedication to each initiative.

  • Collaborative Knowledge

    With Made Finance, clients gain a diverse network of experienced and dynamic financial minds—pooled resources with collective problem-solving skills and expertise.

  • Targeted know-how for time-saving operations

    By providing the exact skillset you need, Made Finance saves time-consuming and costly effort of recruiting, hiring, onboarding and training new team members. With Made Finance, you avoid heavy employment overhead, such as pricey benefits packages, vacation pay and military reserve salaries.

  • Flexibility

    A major advantage of working with Made Finance is the firm’s agility in meeting your specific needs.We can staff up and ramp up quickly and work around your schedule, particularly tight timeframes. You are spared the time and expense of hiring delays, team-building, non-productive employee downtime and other wasteful worker “black holes.”

  • Funding and banking know-how

    For companies seeking capital to fuel their initiative, Made Finance has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in fundraising and creating compelling strategic and funding plans that draw crucial investment partners. Industry players gain affirmation and peace of mind knowing that companies who work with Made Finance are committed to effective operations.

  • Proficiency in changing regulatory requirements

    Made Finance professionals pride themselves on remaining current on laws and anticipating new regulations, empowering your company to stay ahead of the compliance curve while taking full advantage of company rights.


Made Finance is a trusted advisor to successful Israeli and international companies. Find out how Made Finance can help your business:

Pavel Gurvich CEO, Guardicore

GuardiCore is working with Made from the moment we were 5 people in a room to present days. Ran has gathered an amazing team that was able to help us with all of our financial needs in th

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Moshik Raccah Founder & CEO, Silo

When I was first introduced to Made, I didn’t know much about the company or the team, but working together proved to be one of the best business decisions I’ve made. Working

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Yoni Leitersdorf CEO , Indeni Network Automation

We’ve been working with Made since 2010. They’ve been great every step of the way – providing guidance, helping as needed and, of course, keeping our accounts straight. Specificall

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David Drai CEO, Anodot

I started working with Made Finance before I even established Anodot. From the first meeting with Ran it was clear to me that I found the right financial partner. Ran helped us for

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Zvika Ekhous GM Israel, TigerConnect Ltd

Dear Made Team, I just wanted to say thank you again for all of your help and collaboration.  Right from the first conversations with Ran and Ifat, I knew that there was a partner to wor

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Ran Harnevo CEO, AOL On Network

I wish to thank the Made team, and especially Ran and Libby, who have been working with us for morem than 3 years already. I think most of the 5Min Media team knows how strong and influe

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Or Offer CEO, Similarweb

We are working with Made Finance from the very first day, over the years Made assisted us with various financial services that were tailored to our needs. We were always highly satisfied

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Avichay Nissenbaum General Partner, lool Ventures

Ran and his team  are real professionals, Ran is very experienced,  went through quite a few M&As of his portfolio companies and very knowledgeable with Tax, accounting, and legal e

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Jonathan Eldan VP Finance, Secdo

As you may already know, SecDo was recently acquired by Palo Alto Networks.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Made Finance, as well as, a few people in part

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Jacob Nizri CEO, Ybrant

Made Finance Ltd. has provided us with essential assistance, including guidance through the process of Lycos’s acquisition by Ybrant Technologies. This included CFO services, such as d

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Renen Hallak CEO, Vast Data

When I founded my startup, I had no idea about the technicalities of running a business. Invoices, taxes, receipts, accounting, salaries, pension benefits. These were the furthest things

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Ron Gure CEO, The Gifts Project

Working with Ran has been great. His team is very detail oriented and Ran himself is super creative and hands on. You can count on them with the ongoing bookkeeping, but more importantly

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