Pavel Gurvich CEO, Guardicore

GuardiCore is working with Made from the moment we were 5 people in a room to present days. Ran has gathered an amazing team that was able to help us with all of our financial needs in the early days, provides administrative help as we started scaling and finally helped us build our own internal finance department. Ran is very professional, has an unparalleled level of experience, exposure and is an absolute pleasure to work with on a personal level. I would strongly recommend choosing Made Finance as your partner.

Moshik Raccah Founder & CEO, Silo

When I was first introduced to Made, I didn’t know much about the company or the team, but working together proved to be one of the best business decisions I’ve made. Working with Ran, Ifat and Sharon was like working with members of our own team – I knew I could always trust them to get the job done, no matter how big or small the task. If you’re looking for an operations and finance partner in Israel, who’s responsive, proactive, and most importantly, reliable and trustworthy – look no further!

Yoni Leitersdorf CEO , Indeni Network Automation

We’ve been working with Made since 2010. They’ve been great every step of the way – providing guidance, helping as needed and, of course, keeping our accounts straight. Specifically, I had the pleasure of working with Ran and Ido. Both of them are true professionals and know their job as well as the needs of a startup.

David Drai CEO, Anodot

I started working with Made Finance before I even established Anodot. From the first meeting with Ran it was clear to me that I found the right financial partner. Ran helped us for free in our early days before we had the first investment.

Made has helped Anodot to build it business model, set the financial infrastructure that supports our business growth and manage our day to day financial activities such as bookkeeping and payroll.

I would recommend any entrepreneur to use Made financial services.

Zvika Ekhous GM Israel, TigerConnect Ltd

Dear Made Team, I just wanted to say thank you again for all of your help and collaboration.  Right from the first conversations with Ran and Ifat, I knew that there was a partner to work with. You always gave me the confidence I was looking for, in terms of understanding our needs. I had a great experience working with all of you; which certainly made the whole operation of our adventure in Israel possible and simple. Thank you for all of the tips, guidance, reinforcement, and implementation. I greatly appreciate all that you have done and will happily to recommend your firm to anyone who is looking for similar services.

Thanks again and have a great year!

Zvika Ekhous, GM Israel

TigerConnect Ltd.

Ran Harnevo CEO, AOL On Network

I wish to thank the Made team, and especially Ran and Libby, who have been working with us for morem than 3 years already. I think most of the 5Min Media team knows how strong and influential Libby and Ran have been for us, and appreciate the importance of the strategic and operational help we got from them. I never could have hoped to work with better people to educate me on things I’m not really a pro on. It was my pleasure! Thanks guys.

Yoav Zurel CEO, FeeX – Robin Hood of Fees

Made assisted us throughout our growth stage with various financial advice on running our business. They know us very well and were able to tailor the solution to fit the exact needs of each phase. When working with an outsourcing company, the people make all the difference. Ido became one of our team; he is always very responsive to our needs and is able to provide solutions to the problems we face.

Peter Mohan EMEA Regional Controller, Teradata Corporation

I would like to thank Yifat and her team for the great support they have provided to us over the past two years.  They were very knowledgeable on local requirements, flexible in terms of meeting client needs and quick to respond


Or Offer CEO, Similarweb

We are working with Made Finance from the very first day, over the years Made assisted us with various financial services that were tailored to our needs. We were always highly satisfied by the personalize attitude, responsiveness and professionalism.

rking with Made Finance from the very first day, over the years Made assisted us with various financial services that were tailored to our needs. We were always highly satisfied by the personalize attitude, responsiveness and professionalism.


Avichay Nissenbaum General Partner, lool Ventures

Ran and his team  are real professionals, Ran is very experienced,  went through quite a few M&As of his portfolio companies and very knowledgeable with Tax, accounting, and legal elements as it relates to both Delaware companies and Israeli companies.


Mair Zohar CEO, eXelate

Made Finance has been with us every step of the way, advising us on company structure, monthly reporting and system implementation. Their service is a rare mix of quality customer service and value for the money.

Jonathan Eldan VP Finance, Secdo

As you may already know, SecDo was recently acquired by Palo Alto Networks.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Made Finance, as well as, a few people in particular.

To Keren Hendel and Sara Gigi, who handled the bookkeeping from the time I arrived until today, the two of you have done an amazing job. With your cleverness, customer service, and generosity supporting our company the entire journey. Even though they were not aware that the company was facing such a large deal, they handled a significant part of the due diligence process that was done on behalf of our company’s financials. They gave all of the information without asking questions or expressing any doubts about the company’s repeated requests for financial information. They were available at any time for questions and were always willing to help out within very tight schedules and always with a smile. As far as I am concerned both Keren and Sara are assets to the firm, and I couldn’t have done this without their assistance.

It is a natural process for a company to grow and hire someone to work full time in their financial department, and I started working at SecDo about six months ago. I was the first person to handle the financials in-house and prior to this Shiri handled all the financial and accounting procedures. Although I have been in similar situations with other companies, the circumstances were different and the standards were not nearly at this level of professionalism. I was pleasantly surprised that within SecDo the financial management was amazing and fluid. Until now I have not encountered a company that processes quarterly reports and has CPA reviews through outsourcing. Shiri, along with the financial team, built and managed the financials in an orderly way that the work flowed like a well-oiled machine. Because the process was built and managed so well, I didn’t need more than a day to get acclimated to the firm. Shiri assisted the process due diligence with professionalism, whole heartedly, knowledge, and courtesy.

Thank you very much for building a winning team. This is still not the end of working together since the merger will take many more weeks and months, but simply based on this positive outcome I will be more than happy to work with your firm in the future.


Jacob Nizri CEO, Ybrant

Made Finance Ltd. has provided us with essential assistance, including guidance through the process of Lycos’s acquisition by Ybrant Technologies. This included CFO services, such as direction in developing a targeted business plan, preparing financial forecasts and projections and other general accounting services. We have been highly satisfied with our relationship with Made Finance, and recommend their services to other companies seeking financial and accounting advice.

Alon Gamzu CEO, Roundforest

We had the pleasure of working with Made finance for the past 2 years. From the very first day, their administrative and finance team assisted and guided us professionally and devotedly. We consider Made finance partners not only for their fruitful and meticulous work, but also for our true personal friendship.

Shmuel Wasserman CEO,Live-U

We have completely outsourced our finance functions to Made Finance. These services cover dailyoperational accounting and administrative duties, as well as all monthly and annual financial planning and control. Made Finance has delivered seamless, professional and cost-effective services to Live-U and is now an integral part of the Live-U team.

Inbal Tal CFO, Greensoil

We have been working with Made for over 3 years and are extremely happy with Shiri , who provides the bookkeeping services. She is professional and efficient and most pleasant to work with, Shiri has a calm demeanor, but still manages to get the work done in a timely manner. She is proactive and doesn’t hesitate to ask questions or comment when necessary. nt when necessary.




Renen Hallak CEO, Vast Data

When I founded my startup, I had no idea about the technicalities of running a business. Invoices, taxes, receipts, accounting, salaries, pension benefits. These were the furthest things from me. I realized I needed to start learning these concepts in order to work with accounting and manage the logistics involved in a new enterprise. This, at a time when I had to build a world class team from scratch, figure out our story and product and technological edge, decide on a tool-set and environment for our developers, choose the correct business model and study the competitive landscape, etc…

Then I was introduced to made’s admin service, and immediately went back to comfortably not understanding any of those terms. They took care of all the details and daily chores of making the company tick, so I could focus on what was important. The amazing thing about made’s admin service, is not only that they have done this many times over and are extremely efficient and effective at what they do, but also that you don’t need to manage them.

In fact, most of what they do gets done without you ever asking for it or knowing that you needed to. From little things like making sure the office is clean and that there is food in the kitchen, to ordering furniture and taking care of paying the bills, all the way through the end to end management of a new employee’s on-boarding process.

One email, and it’s done. There when you need it, any time of day, at the exact right capacity that scales as you need it to. I believe the success of any company is inextricably bound to the focus of its founding members. Made’s admin service allows you to focus on what’s important, knowing everything else will be taken care of.

I highly recommend Made’s admin service to every new company that is just starting out.

Tal Holtzer CEO, DFX

Made Finance has given us the peace of mind to work worry-free and focus on what we do best, making our customers happy. Every piece of advice we received from Made Finance turned out to be the right decision, and we have been thrilled with their customer support and high level of professionalism.

Ron Gure CEO, The Gifts Project

Working with Ran has been great. His team is very detail oriented and Ran himself is super creative and hands on. You can count on them with the ongoing bookkeeping, but more importantly, you can be sure Ran will kick in as external CFO and advise, inform and prepare you before a big company event. In our M&A deal with eBay Inc., Ran presented the financial proposal himself (not an easy task in front of a large $60B American corporation). In addition, thanks to Ran’s lead in several revenue recognition and working capital recognition changes, he succeeded in increasing The Gifts Project investor ROI higher than expected. I would hire Ran and his team again in a heartbeat.”