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Why You Need to Partner with a Financial Services Provider that Understands Both Israeli & US Markets

Looking to expand your business to include Israeli and US markets? The secret to your business’ globalization success is to not go at it alone.

And you shouldn’t have to! There are plenty of skilled and experienced professionals out there who are ready and willing to help you go global and scale. There are localization experts who will ensure your content is understood and resonates with your every target audience. There are legal experts who will ascertain your business fully complies with every international guideline and regulation. There are fulfillment experts who will streamline and automate your cross-border fulfillment. And yes, there are financial service experts whose job it is to understand everything pertaining to ALL the markets you wish to enter, so that your finances are always in order, your financial strategies are on target, and your bottom line is trending upwards.

Reason #1 – Full visibility

To optimize your Israel-US business operations for success, you need to partner with a single company that knows exactly what financial operations are required and is able to see the bigger picture, with respect to your business’ finances, globalization plan. They will help you operate correctly from the get-go, so your business is always positioned for success and doesn’t fall prey to timely and costly mistakes.

What’s more, hiring two separate financial service experts – one for each market – is inefficient! Using a single financial services provider who understands both Israeli and US markets will help you see the full picture pertaining to your startup’s finances.

Reason #2 – Superior accountability

Outsourcing your CFO operations is about more than leveraging their knowledge and capacity to focus on your financial needs; it’s also about having someone be completely accountable for every financial action and reaction that goes on within your company. Global markets in general, and the US market specifically, are highly dynamic. To boost your chances of success, you need to have someone on staff who is responsible for following market shifts and responding in the nick of time.

Your financial services partner will oversee your startup’s corporate structure; where are how to best establish your activity and will take charge of all relevant tax planning and optimization endeavors. They will also be your lifeline in the US, taking care of pesky bureaucratic paperwork pertaining to registering as an employer, handling payroll and benefits, connecting with vendors, banks, and other financial partners, and more. This, all while keeping abreast and adhering to all relevant market standards, providing your startup with a much-needed competitive edge.

Reason #3 – A proven track record of success

A financial services partner with experience successfully entering the US market can make all the difference to your startup during this critical transition stage. They’ve already made their mistakes and experienced victories and will be able to harness this knowledge to your startup’s benefit.

Don’t waste your time asking friends and business acquaintances for recommendations. Do your due diligence and learn which financial service providers know Israeli and US local markets – consumer pain points, preferred solutions, spending habits, vacation & holidays, registration details, etc. Find out which are best able to fulfill your business’ financial needs and provide you with the best solution with the fastest time-to-market and with the smallest margin of error. And don’t focus on price as a measure of skill or expertise. Remember, what costs less at the start, can easily end up costing you more in time, money, and resources, in the long-run.

Bottom line

When expanding your business to include Israeli and US markets, your ideal financial partner is a skilled and experienced professional. They’re someone who has successfully helped other businesses scale globally in the past. Someone who knows the nature of relationships between companies, jurisdictions, intercompany transactions, and transfer pricing methodology. Someone who has proven themselves to be an expert at building correct international tax models. Someone you can trust to assume responsibility for your company’s financial matters, so you can spend your precious time and resources on other critical business activities.

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