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What We Do

At Made, we pride ourselves on providing you with the outsourced financial and administrative services your company needs, from Day 1!

Our services align with your core business and goals to provide you with the strong financial foundation you need to succeed.

Made is a leading financial services firm that provides high-level, comprehensive financial and operational services to support the growth of hi-tech businesses. Since 2003, Made has been delivering highly targeted, tailored services to startups, multinational corporations and Venture Capital firms with offices in Israel and the US. To support their growth and streamline their daily operations, Made provides its clients with part-time CFO services, accounting, payroll, bookkeeping, financial strategizing, and more.

Comprehensive Part-time Financial and Administration Services Aligned with your core business & goals

Made Finance specializes in comprehensive, part-time financial services for tech companies and venture capital firms.

At Made, we do all the heavy lifting, so you can focus on developing and launching successful products. Our well-established industry connections help you secure attractive agreements from a wide range of quality service providers and vendors, such as banks, auditors, and attorneys.

CFO services

  • Assign a CFO to your management team
  • Obtain visionary financial strategy
  • Optimize chances for success
  • Develop a manageable budget

Your expert financial ally, integral to the team, with knowledge and insight pivotal to your success

The Made Finance CFO is a core member of your management team, serving as an officer of the company, with complete responsibility for financial management and a partner in meeting management goals. With our expertise in the high-tech and life science industries and an in-depth understanding of your company’s objectives and operational structure, we help you make important foundational decisions for immediate and long-term company objectives.

Trusted strategic services

Made Finance provides the complete range of business finance services and consulting, such as:

  • Business structure, financial strategy, tax planning and company incorporation: to establish the company positioned for success from day one
  • Business modeling and financial planning:to present and evaluate robust financial alternatives, project profitability and ensure effective cash flow
  • Operational analysis:to evaluate the effectiveness of the business, assess finances and recommend efficiencies and cost savings
  • Tax incentive and grant applications:to identify and apply for funding, grants and tax incentives from the Israeli Investment Center’s Employment Grant Program, Israeli Chief Scientist’s programs and other initiatives.
  • Due diligence:to independently evaluate and appraise potential acquisitions and the risks entailed
  • Mergers and acquisitions:to make sure that companies are well prepared prior to, during and after the M&A process, and are well-versed in the deal structure. Effectively integrate finances, procedures and policies—to meet the objectives of the overall transaction

Contact us to discuss how Made Finance’s creative CFO solutions can help you establish a strategic financial foundation for your company.

Controller services

  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of operations
  • Save time
  • Minimize expenses

Know your exact financial position and optimize day-to-day operations

Made Finance’s in-depth knowledge and team of seasoned professionals provide services throughout the financial value chain to:

  • Monitor key success factors, such as revenue, operating profit, budget reporting and cash flow
  • Manage and submit monthly and annual financial reports to comply with governmental requirements
  • Prepare internal management reports, such as cash flow, budget versus actual and other custom reports for analyzing company performance
  • Direct day-to-day financial operations, including managing cash status, accounts receivable, vendor payments and payroll
  • Establish and/or polish policies and procedures to streamline and perfect operations
  • Plan, prepare and monitor company budget, including variance analyses
  • Perform cost analyses to evaluate and reduce expense outlays
  • Supervise technical functions, such as bookkeeping and financial statement generation
  • Select and implement ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems
  • Work with internal and external auditors, including the Big 4 and medium-sized accounting firms to support governance processes

Network of industry contacts

Made Finance clients rely on well-established industry connections to help secure attractive agreements from a wide range of quality service providers and vendors, such as banks, auditors and attorneys.
Contact us to explore how Made Finance can help you achieve accounting excellence.

Bookkeeping services

  • Save time
  • Maintain accurate records

Business transaction record-keeping with pinpoint accuracy and efficiency

Made Finance’s bookkeeping services ensure that you have a complete and precise record of all business transactions, following all accounting rules and governmental regulations. Made Finance’s bookkeeping professionals:

  • Assume responsibility for accurate recording of customer invoices, payments, receipts and supplier bills and payments
  • Prepare and submit governmental reports and payments, including value-added tax (VAT), income tax and national insurance payments—monthly, bimonthly and annually
  • Prepare bank reconciliations to ensure that all transactions were completed and documented properly
  • Manage accounts receivable, including collecting on invoices, tracking payments and reporting on receivables status
  • Remit payments to suppliers and reconcile supplier accounts to statements
  • Prepare financial reports for internal and stakeholder analysis

Contact us to find out how Made Finance can help you optimize your bookkeeping operations.

Payroll services

  • Provide accurate compensation and benefits
  • Ensure timely payments
  • Comply with payroll regulations
  • Compensate employees for their value

Employee paycheck preparation and reporting for precision compliance and compensation

Made Finance manages payroll with the utmost accuracy, care and confidentiality, ensuring compliance with dynamic labor laws and business regulations. Rest assured that employee compensation reflects the value you place on your team, with payroll services to:

  • Calculate and issue salary reportsboth monthly and annual, incorporating contract, vacation, sick time, benefits and other employee-specific input
  • Onboard new employees to the payroll system
  • Prepare salary payments for company authorization, both direct deposit and paychecks
  • Prepare payroll tax filings to ensure that your company complies fully with all legal and statutory requirements
  • Help employees register for pension, insurance, severance and benefits programs, providing employees all they are entitled to by law and contract
  • Document employee separations for reporting to governmental authorities and service organizations. We work closely with all service companies (insurance, pension funds, etc.) to help ensure accurate and timely benefit allocation.

Contact us to find out more about precision payroll processing for your company.

Administration services

  • Streamline operations
  • Tailor admin services to your needs
  • Maintain quality customer service
  • Stay flexible
  • Facilitate your daily routine

Operational excellence to make your business run smoothly

As a key part of your team, Made Finance establishes and supports the administrative infrastructure targeted to your company’s specific needs. Customers receive personalized service, with commitment to your mission, priorities and timeframes and a customer service ethic that reflects your company’s values.

Achieving high performance

Made Finance can help you achieve unprecedented efficiencies by leveraging leading-edge technologies and benchmark processes. Because your company may be changing rapidly, our flexibility enables you to be agile, to best position your organization for future expansion.
Offload your burden for routine and one-time administrative tasks, basic or complex, with Made Finance’s expert services:

  • Set up office space:arrange work areas so staff can get down to business
  • Administer finances:handle expense reimbursement, monitor credit card usage, collect invoices, print reports, etc.
  • Manage procurement and payment processing:negotiate contract terms with selected suppliers for best quality and prices, place orders and deliver payments
  • Administer sales and collections:issue invoices and collect payments
  • Manage HR administration:manage employee onboarding and separation, handle work time and absences, plan company employee events, procure gifts for special occasions and holidays, etc.
  • Implement work procedures:prepare paperwork, publish announcements, etc.
  • Manage travel:plan trips with travel agencies, including flights, accommodations, schedules, etc.
  • Complete special projects:execute one-time assignments often involving repetitive tasks, typically with a tight deadline, such as moving to new offices or preparing trade show material.The team staffs multi-lingual team members when necessary to work with your target customers, employees and/or suppliers.

Contact us to discuss your administrative needs.

Services for startups

Strategic financial planning and building the infrastructure for fast growing companies

Made Finance helps startups establish a strong financial foundation, for the long term. We provide you with a comprehensive, part-time financial and administrative solutions that include:

  • Financial strategizing and implementation
  • Bookkeeping services
  • CFO services
  • Controlling and reporting services
  • Financial staff recruitment
  • Financial administration
  • Payroll administration
  • Special, one-time projects that enable your startup to remain agile and meet deadlines

Services for multinationals

Financial operations for global companies operating in the Israeli market

Made Finance provides comprehensive, outsourced financial services for international businesses that have or are looking to launch operations in Israel. We serve as your authorized representative in Israel, through integrated services for multinational companies, that include:

  • Advisement on how to do business in Israel: employment laws, government incentives, market standards practices, benchmarks from comparable companies, and much more
  • Bookkeeping services – using Made’s or the client’s ERP system
  • Payroll & tax calculation, pension operations and the handling of other social benefits
  • Managing communications with Income Tax, VAT, National Insurance and other governmental authorities to ensure compliance with local regulations
  • Management of banks and cash positioning
  • Seamless reporting, to support global reporting
  • Streamlining of operations to meet deadlines
  • Maintenance of fully transparent activities in Israel
  • Opening of a local bank account
  • Engaging in best practices for complex company structures
    • Successful integration of international operations
    • Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements
    • Promoting accuracy with respect to local business practices and deadlines
    • Facilitating easier business transactions

Services for venture capitals

Precise financial operations, so you can focus on your portfolio’s success

Made Finance manages venture capital firms’ finances, addressing the complexities of broad portfolios with diverse deal structures and timelines. We manage your accounting, reporting and compliance, so you can focus on your deal flow.

  • Fund administration
  • Portfolio management
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll services
  • Controlling and reporting services
  • CFO services

Services for US companies

Financial management for companies with US and Israel-based operations

Made Finance provides one point of contact for US-based companies with subsidiaries, or a parent company in Israel. Utilizing our vast experience and network, we ensure you successfully set up and manage your financial operations across borders, while complying with Israeli and US regulations by engaging in:

  • Bookkeeping services according to US regulations
  • Managing payroll and employee benefits
  • Setting up bank account and credit cards
  • Value-added reporting that addresses your enterprise’s needs