Financial management for companies
with joint US/Israel operations

Made Finance specializes in financial services for US-based companies with subsidiaries, sister companies or a parent company in Israel. Since companies like yours need to comply with both US and Israeli laws, Made Finance helps you manage financial operations across borders, such as meeting the emerging foreign asset reporting regulations.

If you intend to establish a company in the US – we, at Made, are experts in US finance operations and can guide you on the best practice of how to start business in US. Please contact us for free consulting.

Best-practices for complex company structures

  • Successfully integrate international operations
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Gain expertise on how business is done in Israel
  • Complete business transactions with ease
  • Ensure accuracy
  • Meet essential deadlines

Understanding these intricacies demands know-how reserved for Made Finance specialists, well-versed in business practice details in both countries.

We provide the following services for both US and Israeli companies, relying on country-specific accounting software, such as US QuickBooks, Priority, Xero or SAP for the following functions:

  •  Bookkeeping
  •  Tax payment and reporting
  •  Accounts payable
  •  Accounts receivable
  •  Payroll
  •  Banking

Value-added reporting to address enterprise needs

  • Keep your finger on the pulse of operations
  • Meet essential deadlines
  • Maintain a balanced budget
  • Support stakeholder interests
  • Position the company for

With potential complications of entangled accounts, Made Finance places special emphasis on reporting, delivering the range of periodic and ad hoc reports including:

  • Financial reporting for legal compliance
  • Company-focused reports with at-a-glance summaries and drill-down detail
  • Board and stakeholder reports for a global view of corporate-wide performance
  • Financial projections for potential return on investment

Trusted financial agent with expertise on how business is done in Israel

  • Gain targeted expertise on doing business in Israel
  • Complete business transactions with ease

Made Finance serves as your authorized representative in Israel, conducting financial transactions, such as payout services, banking and tax filing—strictly at your direction.

As an Israeli insider, Made Finance knows all the ins and outs of operating Israeli companies, like governmental reporting, payroll cycles and accounting regulations. Made Finance can also advise you on Israel-specific standards that you need to know to be successful, such as workdays, daily travel reimbursement laws, holiday schedules, vacation and sick time and holiday gifts.

Masters of the deadline

    With years of experience under its belt, Made Finance has specific expertise in meeting strict timelines. The company prides itself on delivering quality solutions, such as reports and payments on time, even under challenging circumstances.


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