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The Team

Who are we

Discover the people behind the digits, dollars, and operations that will position your business for financial success.

The Made team is highly experienced, professional, and motivated to meet your business’ financial needs and secure your financial future, now!

Your Trusted Team of Seasoned Professionals

At Made, we are first and foremost made up of authentic and empathetic individuals. We truly care about and empathize with you as you grow your business! That’s why we pour every ounce of our superior professionalism and years of combined experience and expertise into every partnership and project we enter. Trust in the people that make up the Made team to translate your business into financial success, swiftly and efficiently.


Founder, CEO

Ran Shnaiderman

Partner, COO

Ifat Ambar Shabo


Rivka Zeltzer


Yael Cohen


Shani Yakobovski


Yoav Yogev


Shiri Malki

VP Finance

Mira Maman

VP Finance

Ruthie Navon

VP Finance

Jessica Femsohn

VP Finance

Ricky Bachar

Bookkeeping Team Leader

Mali Dayan

Bookkeeping Team Leader

Nataly Rathaus

Bookkeeping team leader

Carmit Kaufman

Head of US Bookkeeping Services

Sara Gigi

Head of Payroll Services

Maya Golan

Payroll & Pension Operations Lead

Shelley Koren

Head of Recruiting Services

Narkis Leibovitch

Head of Administrative Services

Sharon Avitan

Head of Tax Services

Noa Berger